Our Story

homeToni grew up in a salon with her mother and learned the salon life quickly. She helped clean the salon, sweep hair, fold towels and clean many perm rods and color bowls. She decided that those who think hair stylists have an easy job, are mistaken.  Toni takes pride in delivering excellent customer service, and changing people’s outlook of themselves. After a 6 year career at a 5 star spa, she decided to take her beliefs and passion to Wentzville. Toni’s husband, Jim, built the salon in only 40 days, and every inch of the space is custom designed for the salon’s guests. Stylists mix their color at the bar in front of you, so you can see just how we customize each and every color they do. It’s not cookie cutter, it’s chemistry, and it is not easy. Education is so important and receiving a service from an educated stylist is refreshing. They don’t claim to be perfect, but they sure try to be. Thank you for allowing them to be who they are, and to help you look your best. Please let The Color Room make your day!

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