#Faded: Haircuts for Men

Oh the beloved fade. It usually begins with a zero or one guard on the old Wahl’s, and fades up the top of the head; what’s left on top can be as long as desired. These aren’t easy to accomplish and CANNOT be done well at home. A good fade is done through blending, blending and more blending.
Do you want it round or square? Do you want a high fade or a low fade? Do you want a natural hairline or a clean hairline? Do you want a part or no part? And last but not least… Do you want a cut that if not styled still blends, or is totally disconnected leaving you to need to style everyday?

These are our top 3 men’s fades that we love and get asked for all the time!


Kahl DrogoKahl Drogo

This fade is a #2 guard not faded at all to the part line only on 1 side. The other side is blended meaning he can get 2 looks out of 1 style depending on the way he parts the hair. Not styled up, this look could also be very professional if combed over, but will always have the harsh part line unless you flip your part.

Cristiano RonaldoChristiano Ronaldo

This fade is a #1 guard faded to a #2 then left disconnected on top, on both sides. This is a “faux-hawk” with no blending from the sides to top. This style will only look good styled up, as there is no hair on the sides to support a professional blend.

David-BeckamDavid Beckham

OHHHHHHH David. How we love the! He has been a heartthrob since the early 2000’s and his hair is always trendsetting. This is a very faded and blended look that starts with a #2 guard and blended to a #3, then a #4 and has no part. This can move to either side of the head or be styled up, and can still be a professional look when needed. It is the most requested look by men because of the versatility of the cut. Trendy, sexy, professional hair cutting at it’s best!


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