Not just your “mom” bob

Not your -mom- bob (1)

How many times have you sat in your stylists chair and said, “I want a bob, but not the “mom bob”? It’s the reason we are so scared of doing a bob, but the celeb’s are doing them fabulously! We aren’t talking the standard bob, and as Inventor, Vidal Sassoon, would be so ashamed of. We are talking the bob that Vidal Sassoon invented and cannot be cut the same on every mom in your school.

Enhancing bone structure from your shoulder’s and up on your body will begin where you want the focus to be. Look at collar bone, jaw bone, chin, nose, cheek bones and forehead to determine which bones you want to accentuate. This will give you the unique, perfect for you bob that no one has. Your stylist should be looking at these things during your consultation for your perfect bob.

Texturizing the cut is so important. We want our bobs to lay nicely if placed, but moveable with the option of curling, not too “stacked”, and still able to pull up……. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Truth is, if your stylist isn’t using texture during and/or after your cut, then the bob isn’t done.

It is possible to have the perfect, just for you bob! These celebs are doing the bob and doing them well! Here are our favorite celeb bobs:


Jennifer Aniston

bob-jen anistonJen Aniston NEVER has a bang. Why? She has a wide nose and small forehead, so the length around her face elongates those undesirable features. Her bob looks the best at her shoulder.


Kristen Taekman

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- Season:6 -- Pictured: Kristen Taekman -- (Photo by: Michael Lavine/Bravo)

Kristen from The Real Housewives of New York has a long nose and long jawline , and a very pointy chin. Keeping her front angled right at mid neck with a eye frame softens those features and widens them.  This is an angled bob, and very textured.


Jennifer Nettles

bob-sugarlandAnd our very favorite bob is Jen from Sugarland. Jen has a long forehead but these amazing wide cheekbones. Shortening the bang to cover the forehead and creating the weight of the bob all around her cheekbones makes this bob our favorite! It is so structured and textured that this definitely is not your “mom bob”.


Knowledge is power……. brighter days start here, we promise!