Channeling your inner Celeb!

Contour-Kit-FBContouring is one of those things that most of us are scared to try….but once we do we have a hard time living without it. We’re not talking about the Kim K type of contouring, that stuff is for photoshoots and magazine covers. But we can all learn to appreciate a bit of natural, everyday contouring.

Lucky for us, Glō is coming out with TWO contouring kits making it super simple. Glō’s contouring palette features four powder shades to enhance features and create dimension. Whether softly subtle or more dramatically chiseled, these blendable and buildable formulas allow you to create a customized contour statement.


Contour Kit_fair to light

Fair to Light – $36

Contour Kit_medium to dark

Medium to Dark – $36

Contour/Highlight Brush - $29

Contour/Highlight Brush – $29


Still over there saying, “I still end up looking like a hot mess when I even attempt contouring!” No worries. Here is a handy video from the amazing Janeena Billera @ Glō showing you how!