#BeCurly. Be You. Be Proud of Your Curls.

Be CurlyWe want you to be proud of your beautiful curls. Our #AvedaPro artists are ready to help you find a unique, personalized way to care for them, whether that’s a special haircut, a product regimen like our Be Curly series, or a new color style. After all, no two curls are exactly alike, and that’s what makes them, and you, so beautiful.

Tippi Shorter, Aveda Global Artist Director for Textured Hair, is a curly girl herself. She recommends moisturizing as much as possible. β€œYou can never over-moisturize your curls,” she says. Aveda Mentor at Juut Salonspa, Terry Varty, urges his guests with curly hair to embrace their curls rather than fight them or switch to a wavy or straight hairstyle. Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director of Hair Color, even recommends adding color to curls, as different shades can bring out the texture and create interesting shapes.

Bea Watson, Aveda Global Educator of Hair Styling, acknowledges how curls are unique to each person and describes how Aveda offers a full range of products and styling tips for all types of curls. Picking the correct control, hold, and defining product for your curls is essential for a great style, says Luis Gonzales, owner of Vida Salon.

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(source credit, Aveda)